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Common port in issues


If the address you submit with your port request does not match what your provider has on file, the request could be rejected.

Your current provider may have an old address on file. They may have misspelled your address. They may have a reseller’s address you need to enter.

If your port is rejected for address mismatch, we’ll let you know and you can reach out to your provider to obtain the proper address to use. Then, let us know and we’ll update your request.

Account Number

If your account number is missing on your port request or is incorrect, it will be rejected.

If you’re not sure what your account number is, contact your current provider to verify before porting away.


If you don’t recall your PIN or you’re not even sure if you have one, contact your current provider first to ensure that your PIN is correct on your request to NumberBarn.

Note the PIN numbers are held internally with your NumberBarn port request through our carrier and not shared with any other party.

Number Not in Service

While we want to help you bring a number over to NumberBarn, if your number isn’t active then it cannot port to any provider. Keep your number active before and during the entire porting process to NumberBarn.

If you already disconnected your number and it is rejected, you’ll need to ask your current provider to restore service in order to port away.

Pending Orders

A pending order can be anything from a service adjustment to an address change to a cancellation. There can only be one port request on a phone number at any time, so if you have two requests going, they will both be rejected for pending orders.

If your number is rejected for a pending order, you’ll want to reach out to your current provider to verify what this order is and how long it will take to complete. You may need to remove an order to port your number.