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Show Address book names in the Call Logs tab



  • Jeremy Watkin

    Hey LifeP, I'm so glad to hear that NumberGarage is working well for you!

    Thinking through contact names a bit, I'm assuming you're talking about the Mobile App experience here? I have a couple of thoughts here.

    First, if you allowed our app access to your contacts on your phone, it should show the contact name in the NumberGarage call log entry. And you even have an option to import that contact into your NumberGarage contacts which should give you the added benefit of accessing it from your online account.

    Second, you can click on any of those numbers to add it to your contacts and then they should be named from there on out -- whether it's in calls, messages, or voicemail.

    If that doesn't seem to be working, let me know and I can open up a ticket to dig deeper into this. Also, I'm using iPhone so if you're on Android there's a chance it's behaving differently. Let me know.

  • LifeP

    Actually no, I'm referring to the interface on both the website app and the mobile app (I'm on Android). I don't want to sync/import my personal contacts into Number Garage b/c the purpose of NG for my needs is for business while my phone contacts are for personal needs. When a business client texts me, I save their name to the NG address book so that it's easy to keep track of who they are. However, for whatever reason, those same names I've saved on the Messages tab in NG do NOT show up as names on the Call Logs tab. It definitely appears to be a software / user experience oversight as there's no reason why a raw phone # should show up if that number has been saved to my NG address book. Fixing this would extremely improve my business! Thank you.

  • Jeremy Watkin

    Thank you for the clarification on this. Our address book/contacts has lots of room for improvement but it does at least sync well between the mobile app and the online control panel.

    You're right. We do need to add contact names to the Call Logs tab in the online app. I do think this is an important improvement for sure. 


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