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Multiple Account Login



  • Jeremy Watkin

    Hi Matt A. thank you for your kind words and the terrific suggestion. I am curious to know if you are using a web browser to navigate your accounts or the mobile app. I think maybe you indicated the mobile app but want to make sure. In either case, we do have some functionality available. 

    If using the mobile application, do check out this article: How to switch accounts in the mobile application

    If using the web browser, check out this article: How to switch accounts in a web browser

    If you have multiple accounts already with the same email address it may already work. If you don't, which seems more likely in this case, let me know and I can make a ticket to see about connecting your accounts to make this functionality work for you. 

    I'll also add that this may be a little bit hacky but we can look to add a more official feature if more customers are interested in this moving forward.

  • Matt A.

    Thank you Jeremy-Watkin for taking time to provide a detailed response 😊

    The functionality you reference is almost what I'm asking for except I'm asking for this functionality to be available fir users to use with two different email addresses!

    The reasons I want to keep the accounts separate is that we have a personal account and two completely separate business accounts

    Unfortunately, linking all accounts under the same email would take away my ability to enforce access control
    I'd like to keep the business accounts separate so that they're accessible by different people
    But I also have a few people who need to access all accounts

    As of now, the only way to switch between two different accounts with two separate email addresses is to logout and login to the other account which is quite tedious!

    Here's an example image of how google does it if it helps visualize what I'm looking for:

  • Jeremy Watkin

    Hi Matt A., thank you for your response. You might also consider converting your account over to NumberGarage. With NumberGarage you can add additional users and, as the administrator, you can control which telephone numbers your other users have access to when they use the mobile application. Here's an article that walks you through this process: How can I move my NumberBarn number to NumberGarage 

  • Matt A.

    Thank you Jeremy-Watkin!
    NumberGarage would've been a good solution to my issue but it still doesn't provide a separate billing capability-
    I need each of the two companies accounts and my personal account to be billed completely separately so I would still need to maintain separate accounts 😊

  • Jeremy Watkin

    That makes sense Matt A. I'm 99% sure we can tie accounts together that have different email addresses if you want to go that route. But I think in that case, anyone who has access to one of your accounts can access the others as well.
    I'm still noodling on how we could make a Google-style single sign-on launch point. Single sign-on is on our road map in the future but I would want to make it do what you're asking.


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